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Shipping & handling costs: Please note that the shipping costs is including extra costs (handling costs). It’s also possible that your critter will arrive in a weird, second-hand box such as food packages or shoe-boxes. I try to recycle as much as possible and hope you will recycle the packaging of your Psypuff as well!

Puffsy / Noom
€ 3,90
Worldwide: € 5,75


Necrobeesie / baby puffsy / sokkachu / meep / pip
€ 3,05
Worldwide: € 4,30

To make sure the shipping costs stay at it's lowest price, I have to squish your little friend in a mailbox-envelope! So they might arrive a little flat..! Note: when you order multiple small critters, the shipping costs may get higher, since it’s charged on weight.

Moonlum / runin
NL: € 6,95
EURO 1: € 9,80
EURO 2: € 12,60
Other: € 18,20

To find out which country is in which zone, check the website:

Everything not mentioned, falls under ‘Other’.


The reason why the shipping of moonlums is much more expensive is because they don’t fit through the mailbox! Dutch shipping costs of bigger packages is unfortunately so much more expensive than the small packages.


Note: if you order a smaller psypuff together with a moonlum, I will transfer you the remaining shipping costs back! Unfortunately the website fails to recalculate when you order two items from a different shipping-range.

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